Analyzing Osama

The recent video from Osama bin Laden raises as many questions as it answers. Is it a “trigger” for new attacks? Did these include the recently thwarted plots in Denmark and Germany? Why is he still commiserating over Kerry’s loss in 2004? Even most Democrats have gotten over that.

Perhaps he is just trying to keep his name out there, postulates Robert Baer for Time:

One conclusion to draw from the new Osama bin Laden video tape is that the mastermind of 9/11 apparently is worrying about his relevance these days.

And judging by the transcript, he has good reason to worry about it. Among other things, bin Laden maunders about corporations causing global warming and the Democrats failing to get the U.S. out of Iraq. Speculation is already rife that he is wearing a fake beard, since his grey of a few years ago has mysteriously disappeared. It seems he’s either lost his mind, or is the victim of a covert action campaign.

The new tape aside, it’s hard to imagine that bin Laden is happy about what he’s wrought in the last six years since 9/11. How can he not see that he is accountable for the death of tens of thousands of Muslims, nearly all of them believers, innocent of any crimes against Islam?

Read the entire column at the link above. Osama’s screed is less about American intrusion upon Muslim Holy places – after all, of Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem, we are in . . . none of them – and more of a recitation of far-left grievances. He whines about the failure of Democrats to withdraw from Iraq, about eeeeevil corporations, and even about global warming.

Let’s face it: he sounds more like Cindy Sheehan than the Master of All Terror.

Why would he want the USA to get out of Iraq if his forces are destroying us there? Wouldn’t he rather we stay so he can humiliate us?

He lacks the bluster of earlier missives. He’s beginning to sound like some burned-out hippy protester from the regular San Francisco area demonstrations. And why not? Who else supports him like the loony-tunes American Left these days? You know, the same folks who rail against the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as intrusions upon “sovereign” countries even as they complain we haven’t invaded sovereign Pakistan to hunt him down.

Speculation rages that his newly darkened beard and mustache may be fake. Does he need a disguise to travel even in the mountains of Waziristan? Or is he just trying to attract the hot babes from a Just For Men™ commercial?

Still, at least his endorsement of Chomsky and Scheuer may help their book sales in the fever swamps. It’s a sign of a big man to never forget the little people behind him . . .

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