Name that Party!

Where politicians are implicated in scandal or corruption, an interesting phenomenon has been noticed by many observers. It the offender is a Republican, it is mentioned in the lead paragraph. If a Democrat, the party affiliation is mentioned much later, if at all. For example, the New York Times report on the eleven New Jersey officials arrested for corruption first identifies one of the eleven as a Democrat in paragraph NINE (although they note other corrupt Democrats in paragraph six).

Even the usually well-balanced reporting at The Politico only identifies this crook as a Democrat in the fourth graph:

The U.S. Navy wants a business owned by the family of Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski to hand over a piece of high-tech equipment bought with some of the $9.25 million in taxpayer funds Kanjorski steered to the company.

Except no one seems to know where to find the equipment — a high-pressure pump.
The mystery of the missing pump, combined with newly unearthed evidence that federal investigators probed Kanjorski’s connections to the company, Cornerstone Technologies, has given new life to a story that seems unlikely to go away.

Read it all at the link above. Our old nemesis, and Master Thief, John Murtha shows up, too, to aid and abet the congressman.

I know you’re shocked about that. Shocked!

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