German terrorists had deadline for attack

The militants arrested in Germany in an al Qaeda terror plot were given a September 15th deadline to carry out their attack, reports Erik Kirschbaum in Germany for Reuters:

Three suspected Islamist militants who were planning to attack American targets in Germany had orders to act by September 15 and knew police were hot on their trail before their arrest, a magazine said on Saturday.

The plan was foiled on Tuesday when police arrested two German converts to Islam and a Turk in the biggest German police investigation in the last 30 years.

According to surveillance details published in Der Spiegel magazine, the men had been given a two-week deadline for their planned strikes in a late August call from northern Pakistan that was monitored by German police.

Read the rest at the above link. Their attack was supposed to come as the President’s progress report to Congress on Iraq was due, and shortly after bin Laden’s latest video.

Naturally, the sort of surveillance which led to these arrests is precisely that many Democrats want ended. I suspect bin Laden would like to see it ended, too.

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