Will GOP convention be Chicago Redux?

Assorted anarchists, leftists, and other criminals may be planning to turn Minneapolis’ streets into chaos for the 2008 Republican National Convention, and the Twin Cities aren’t prepared, writes Katherine Kersten for Real Clear Politics:

Get ready, Minnesotans. The protest was “a kick-off” for a “weekend of organizing against the Republican National Convention” to be held here in September 2008, according to the RNC Welcoming Committee, a local anarchist group.

Across the country, similar groups have announced their intention to cause havoc in our cities next year.

Annette Meeks has seen these tactics before. In 2004, she was a delegate to the GOP convention in New York City.

Meeks, my former colleague at Center of the American Experiment, said that many of the protesters in New York differed markedly from their predecessors.

“It used to be peaceful ex-hippies with placards — they’re almost quaint by today’s standards,” she said. “In New ! York we saw a professional class of protesters, with an angry, violent mob mentality. Their goal is not to be heard. Their sole purpose is to create anarchy in our streets.”

Read the entire article at the link above. New York City was able to contain the violent thugs with their 37,000 police officers; Minneapolis has roughly 3,000 and no real riot plan as yet. They are likely to be overwhelmed.

Better start riot training now, and bring in the dogs and horses. Of course, there is nothing like the sound of a night stick against a leftist criminal’s skull when it hits the sweet spot: “THHHHWAAACCKKK!!!!”

I love the smell of tear gas in the morning . . .

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