Breaking News: Norman Hsu Arrested In Colorado

Major Democratic fundraiser and double fugitive from justice Norman Hsu has been arrested in Colorado. It seems that Hsu was travelling by train when he grew sick and went to the hospital, where he was identified and taken in custody.

Once he is fit to travel, he is expected to be returned to California. And, perhaps, THIS TIME they’ll keep him locked up. It was nothing less than insane to grant him bail the first time, considering that he was being charged with skipping bail before AND didn’t surrender his passport.

Norman Hsu has a great deal of questions to answer. And we need those answers. Here are a few:

  • How did he meet with so many prominent Democrats (such as Hillary Clinton) while he was a fugitive from justice?
  • How did he get out of the country back in 1993?
  • How did he get back in?
  • Just what was the source of all that money he poured into Democratic coffers?
  • What did he expect in return for his investment?

Of all these, I think the source of his money is the most important. Every single investigation into his business history ends up blank — “there’s no there there,” as Gertrude Stein once said about Oakland. He apparently had no visible means of possessing that much money, and I — and anyone who cares the least about our electoral process — ought to know who was trying to inject that much cash into certain candidates — and, by extension, what they sought to gain by it.

Update: How the hell did I not notice Jim Addison had this story four hours ago? Good grief..

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