Words Fail Me

This morning, the Boston Globe has a story about a series of workshops being offered across the Bay State.

They’re being put together by non-profit organizations, and their focus is simple:

How illegal aliens can avoid getting caught and deported.

They’re being given clear and explicit instructions on how to thwart federal law enforcement officials.

In the title, I say “words fail me.” But that’s not quite true. Quite a few words come to mind.

Setting aside the profanities, I am left with the following:

Aiding and abetting criminals.

Accomplice after the fact.

Criminal conspiracy.

Racketeering-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations.

Harboring fugitives.

The thing that gets me the most infuriated, though, is that all these groups are calling themselves “immigrant rights activists.” That’s not true in the least. They have no use for legal immigrants; their energies are fully dedicated to illegal aliens.

That’s not quite fair. They do have a use for legal immigrants; they can use them as cover, as “beards,” for the illegal ones.

It’s a gross insult to them, the welcome and valued guests of this country, and to us, the citizens of this country.

But it’s Massachusetts, the state of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Michael Dukakis, Tip O’Neill. state that Democrats hold 100% of all federal offices, 100% of all statewide offices, and 85% of the legislature. That’s just par for the course.

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