To Seem Rather Than To Be

The Boston Globe has an editorial today that lauds the latest developments in our standoff with North Korea, and their quest for nuclear weapons. It says the recent signs are very promising, and give real cause for hope.

Of course, this is the Boston Globe, which means that their words don’t translate into reality.

The title is called “Getting to yes with North Korea.” The tone of the piece is that getting North Korea to agree to something is a great accomplishment.

It’s not.

What is an accomplishment is getting North Korea to abide by its agreements. The whole history of their quest for the bomb has been marked by their making threats and demands, coming to accomodations that involve concessions on their part, and then blithely ignoring them — while demanding that the other parties keep their ends of the deal.

So every single agreement, every compact, every treaty has led to North Korea getting at least some of what it wants, while they continue largely unchecked their research and development of nuclear weapons.

But this is the Boston Globe. Style triumphs over substance. As long as North Korea keeps SAYING they’ll abide by agreements, that’s good enough.

As Billy Crystal’s “Fernando” would say, “it is not important that you BE marvelous, but that you LOOK marvelous.”

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