Kathleen Willey claims the Clintons stole her manuscript

Who remembers Kathleen Willey?

She’s the White House volunteer who accused Bill Clinton of groping her in the Oval Office. Her incident is the one Gloria Steinem invented the “free pass” rule for (it may be gross, dumb, and reckless, but if you make a pass at a woman and afterwards take no for an answer, you’re A-OK in her book!).

Well, she’s got a new book coming out in a few months about the Clintons, and someone broke into her home and stole the manuscript, leaving jewelry and other valuables behind. Willey swears the Clintons are behind it.

Kathleen Willey, the woman who says Bill Clinton groped her in the Oval Office, claims she was the target of an unusual house burglary over the weekend that nabbed a manuscript for her upcoming book, which promises explosive revelations that could damage Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Willey told WND little else was taken from her rural Virginia home as she slept alone upstairs – electronics and jewelry were left behind – and she believes the Clintons were behind it.

The break-in, she said, reminded her of the widely reported incident 10 years ago in which she claimed she was threatened near the same Richmond-area home by a stranger just two days before she was to testify against President Clinton in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case.

The theft of the manuscript early Saturday morning was suspicious, she told WND, coming only days after the first mainstream media mention of her upcoming book, which is expected to include accusations of campaign finance violations and new revelations about harassment and threats by the Clintons and their associates.

“Here we go again; it’s the same thing that happened before,” Willey told WND. “They want you to know they were there. And they got what they wanted. They pretty much managed to terrorize me again. It scared me to death. It’s an awful feeling to know you’re sound asleep upstairs and someone is downstairs.”

Officers from the Powhatan Sheriff’s Department arrived Saturday, and she reported missing her purse, along with cash, a checkbook and credit cards. The intruder apparently came in through a window and left quietly. She said she had heard her dogs bark during the night but didn’t think the disturbance was unusual.

After the officers left, she discovered the manuscript was missing from the desk of her first-floor study. Apparently, she said, someone had tried to get into her laptop computer, which, she noted, could easily have been taken but was left behind. She usually leaves her laptop running but found it had been turned off. Also her car was keyed, the antenna broken and her DirecTV satellite system was “messed with.”
Honestly, who knows what to believe here? I wouldn’t put it past the Clintons to do something like this, but come on. It seems a little suspicious to me that she’s in the news, whining about this manuscript being stolen, a few months before the book comes up. Drumming up publicity, perhaps?

But, like I said, who knows what the truth is? The book probably is damaging to the Clintons’ reputation, a feat that isn’t entirely difficult. However, it isn’t exactly the first negative book to be published about the Clintons. What information could Kathleen Willey have that previous authors did not, information scandalous enough that the Clintons would feel the need to hire some goon to keep her quiet? It isn’t that I wouldn’t believe it of them, but this particular story seems a little unlikely to me.

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