Introducing The Bloggering Wilburys

A while ago, I picked up a used hard drive for use in some computers I was rebuilding for my friend, Candy, and her home-schooling co-op. This one, though, hadn’t been reformatted before I bought it, and I found a treasure trove stored on its platters.

Pretty much everyone’s heard of the Traveling Wilburys, the family of musicians who spent years working their art in seclusion until someone collected a few of their countless songs and put them out on an album. Well, it turns out that there’s another offshoot of that family out there that turned their creative juices to writing.

They called themselves “The Bloggering Wilburys,” and their posts were kept to a tightly-secured intranet. Only the members of the family could see and react to their words, and for years they have been writing away, commenting about whatever struck their fancy.

Well, the veil has been drawn back. I have a selection of their works, and I’m going to start publishing them here.

There’s a lot of family anecdotes, in-jokes, obscene material, and downright dreck on this hard drive, but there are also some real gems.

I’m also putting out the call for any other bloggers who might have uncovered some of the Wilburys’ work. I know that my hard drive only holds a tiny fraction of their total material. So if anyone else finds a Wilbury posting that they think is worthy of publication, send it along — and be sure to say whether you want credit for unearthing it.

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