I'll prove global warming, as soon as I melt this ?#@! ice

How “Ice blocks global warming trip,” as related by Don Surber:

British yachtsman Adrian Flanagan is trying to prove global warming by sailing along the Northern Sea route, which sailors have pursued for centuries.

He’s run into the same problem that sailors have run into for centuries: Ice.

Read it all at the link above. Really, you need to. Now, it seems our Mr. Flanagan is not the sort of environmentalist to be deterred from his demonstration, so he is trying to get the Russians to send a nuclear-powered icebreaker to break up the ice so he can show everyone how badly it is melting.

Because, dammit, sometimes you have to destroy a world to save it in the properly green way.

Even better – told you to read it all – while Flanagan waits on the Rooskies, he is being hungrily eyed by polar bears who don’t realize they aren’t around anymore because of SUVs and stuff. And nothing’s worse than a hot, hungry polar bear with a diminishing food supply . . .

Stranger than fiction, indeed . . .

Cassy adds: News flash to environmentalists crusading for the well-being of polar bears — they remain the only species of bear that will actively hunt humans. I know they look all cute and cuddly, not to mention featured in those heartwarming Christmas holiday Coca-Cola commercials, but they aren’t. They’re vicious beasts that will kill any animal that moves, because they assume that anything they encounter is potential food.

I do hope that Flanagan is able to get out of this mess safely, without harm or injury to himself. But hopefully next time, he and others like him will make sure to trust science over political alarmism.

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