Not Ready For Prime Time

Every now and then, I wonder if we’re right to keep our distance from Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group that won election to head the Palestinian Authority. If we ought to bow to the reality of the situation and make the best of it, to see if we can make progress towards a permanent, fair, just, and peaceful solution.

And then I remember just why they’re on the list of terrorist organizations — usually because they do something to remind me.

The Israeli city of Sderot has been literally under siege for years. They have been bombarded by rockets launched from the Gaza Strip on a daily basis. The fact that so few Israelis have been killed by this has been due to a combination of factors — the inaccuracy of the rockets, the short supply of the rockets, the relatively low explosive charge of the rockets, and the innate incompetency of the Palestinians doing the building and launching of the rockets. It certainly hasn’t been through any sense of compassion or temperance or mercy or humanity on behalf of the Palestinians.

This week, one of those unguided rockets managed to strike a day-care center. And the Palestinian terrorist faction that claimed credit — Islamic Jihad — immediately said that they regretted the error.

Whoops, my bad. Rather, they said it was a “back to school present” for the people of Israel.

By the grace of god, no children were physically injured. A dozen of them were treated for shock, but that doesn’t really matter, does it?

Meanwhile, Hamas can’t be bothered to attempt to control the territory they claim to lawfully govern. They’re too busy calling for people to show up for mass protests — and then shooting them.

But I forget myself. They won the elections fairly, they are the legitimate government of the Palestinians, and that should whitewash everything. Jimmy Carter says so, and so do a whole bunch of other idiots.

I’d like to see the next prominent politician who says we ought to establish relations with Hamas nominated to be the US ambassador to them.

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