Quechup…the social networking platform spamming the globe

All of the sudden I’m getting a lot of spam from a social networking site called Quechup. The e-mails come from other bloggers, which at least gives it an air of authenticity, but a little investigation reveals that it’s a a site the you should steer clear of at all costs.

During registration Quechup (as do lots of other sites) allows you to check your Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Outlook or Outlook Express address books to see who you that’s already on the service. The scam is that Quechup doesn’t just send an invitation to the matches the user selects to send invitations to, but rather they spam the entire mailbox without the users permission.

The Houston Chronicle TechBlog pointed to some poor blogger who not only inadvertently spammed all his contacts, but then got his Gmail account temporarily suspended when he tried to send an explanation and apology e-mail to his whole contact list. That blogger (Matt Staggs) posted a roundup of negative mentions and mea culpas from around the blogoshphere this weekend.

If you see anything from Quechup in your mailbox do your friends and colleagues a favor; mark it as spam and then delete it for good…

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