Labor Pains

While everyone else is falling over themselves heaping praises on unions on this Labor Day, I find myself asking “what the hell is the big deal?” As I work a Tuesday through Saturday schedule, this means that the holiday is actually annoying me, as I can’t do the normal stuff I do on my day off.

In that suitably cranky spirit, I want to bring up the big cause that the unions rallied behind recently — the Orwellian-named “Employee Free Choice Act.”

In case you missed it before, this wet sloppy kiss to the unions was intended to make their job of recruiting new members a whole lot easier across the board. One of the measures was the elimination of one of the most pesky obstacles — the secret ballot.

Under current rules, the employees at a work place get to say — in a government-overseen election — whether they wish to join the union or not by secret ballot, largely immunized from intimidation from either side. But if the unions have their way and this bill passes, all they will need is a majority of signed union cards, and they’re in like Flynn.

I’d be more concerned if unions had a history of violence and intimidation, but fortunately we’ve been spared that. Their leaders have been honest, forthright, decent people.

So, folks, enjoy your holiday. Just remember that today’s union leaders have far more in common with the oppressive exploiters who inspired the first unions than the brave men and women who rebelled against them — and whose legacy they claim to have inherited.

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