Fabulists At The Gate

Josh Trevino explores the storied history of the fabulist-in-training DailyKos diarist “Maccabee.” His crowning achievement, ‘We Are Going To Hit Iran…Bigtime’ is now gone from DailyKos but you can read it here and see the comments here.

The New Republic has get to be kicking themselves for missing out on this guy…

Jay Tea adds: I am kicking myself so hard, I have worn out two pairs of shoes. This is precisely the Kossack that I nailed to the wall back in January for spouting accusations with absolutely zero to back them up, to the loud cheers of the rabid sheep that are the regular denizens of the Free Democratic Republic Of Kosistan. And after forcing him to finally admit he had not bothered to save any of his “evidence” of his accusations against ten prominent right-wing blogs, he made a limp-wristed offer of “let’s start over” and “let’s work together.”

I had this bozo, had him cold, and I let him wriggle away until, nine months later, someone ELSE finally busts him so thoroughly and completely and absolutely that he has lost all credibility, even with the Kossacks.

I don’t care that it’s 5 in the morning. I need to start drinking.

Paul Asks: So Markos, how’s that purge going buddy?

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