What It Is, Is Blogging

I am tired today. I had a lot of work to catch up on at the office this week, and the auditors were in town again, which reminds me – can someone explain to me why the auditors never want to talk to the people who actually did certain reports and can provide the documentation they need, but instead feel compelled to set up a whole chain of people to talk to, so that four or five people get involved and what could have been 15 minutes turns into 4 hours? I also had a few assignments for school to do, and one of them was trickier than I expected. The sum effect of all that is that my brain is working a bit differently than usual, which is to say I am even less interested in courtesy and the standard fare of rhetorical exchange.

The observant reader of ‘Wizbang’ is aware by now, that we have a rather broad range of writers’ styles and modes of thought, although contained within a more conventional range of political opinion. Our styles are distinct and, dare I say, unique. My own position in this happy family is far from one of great influence and responsibility. At times this can be frustrating, as on those occasions where I try to pursue some great project of import, only to find out that no one invites me to those interviews and conferences of significance. I have long ago learned to accept that I am on no one’s “A” list. I am no Lorie Byrd, no Kevin Aylward, no Jim Addison.

The flip side to this is a comfort, however. Lorie has doubtless felt inclined to tell someone off every now and again, but she restrains her language to match her station. Having no such station myself, I unload when the Rovian muse so directs me. By the grace of God, Mr. Aylward, and Jay Tea, I am privileged to post whatsoever escapes my fingers dancing across the keyboard. I dare to think that on some few occasions, I have made my point in a manner which has profited the debate. On others, I have at least provided a stage for readers to comment. Or at least provided some amusement.

It occurs to me that one of the best things about Wizbang is that we are pretty honest in our presented opinions. Oh, we are all of hypocrites to be sure, but over time who and what we are becomes readily apparent, sometimes by accident. And so we are well known, we who post our thoughts, our minds, and sometimes rhetorical excrement. Just as it is the course of every human body to release gas from the backside every so often, so too we writers and those who comment share more than what might be seen in the more ordinary forum.

We are more real for that aspect, I think. And no, I don’t plan on apologizing for the smell.

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