Hsu-Nami Hits New Hampshire

Norman Hsu — big-time Democratic fundraiser, acquaintance and donor of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and numerous other major Democrats, convicted criminal and (until recently) fugitive, certainly spread his money (from unknown sources) around. While the big bucks went to the big boys, Hsu didn’t overlook the little people — including $5,000 to the New Hampshire Senate Democratic Caucus and $2,000 to Governor Lynch.

Other New England beneficiaries of Hsu’s largess include Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Chivas), $38,000; Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), $19,100; the Rhode Island Democratic Party, $11,000; Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), $7,500; Senator John Kerry (D-MA), $6,350; Representative Tom Allen, D-ME, $2,500; Governor John Destefano of CT, $2,500; Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI),$2,000; and State Treasurer Tim Cahill of Massachusetts, $1,000.

Officials representing the Caucus and Governor Lynch say they’ll be giving the money to charity.

A few thoughts come to mind:

1) Every time one of these scandals break, the politicians involved practically stampede each other to give away the tainted money to various and sundry charities. Has anyone ever considered the possibility that some charity might be engineering these scandals, just to boost their revenues?

2) I’m lousy at foreign languages. Could “Hsu” be Chinese for “Abramoff?”

3) This is purely speculative, but if it turns out that the real source of Hsu’s money (which is, presently, very unclear) is the Communist Chinese government, attempting to sway American politics, just what would be the ramifications? And what does it say that the Communist Chinese are apparently willing to sink all their resources into swaying only the Democratic party?

4) Hillary Clinton is supposed to be the most intelligent, most savvy, most resourceful, most cunning, most professional member of the Democratic pack. Just what the hell does it say that she’s let herself be so closely tied with this flim-flam artist?

5) (Someone else had this thought, but I’ve forgotten where I picked it up) Hillary Clinton still enjoys Secret Service protection — yet met with Hsu, a fugitive, on several occasions. Did the Secret Service not pick up on this odd little fact, or were they ordered by the Clinton apparatchiks to overlook the matter?

I fear that my questions will never be answered. This story will, most likely, swept aside for far more pressing issues — like some Senator allegedly looking for a Lewinsky in an airport men’s room.

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