Global Warming Causes Cougar Attacks That Didn't Happen

Just when you thought the media couldn’t say anything dumber on the topic of global warming; the old record gets shattered…

Warning! This will hurt the brain of any thinking person.

Climate change could be causing cougar attacks: expert

CANMORE, Alta. — A combination of warm winters and Alberta’s population boom is causing a recent jump in cougar attacks, says a spokesman for the government agency that collects cougar-related data.

The province’s cougar population has jumped this year because recent warm winters have pushed up the population of deer, elk and moose — the cougars’ natural prey, said Darcy Whiteside with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development.

That’s horrible… a “jump in cougar attacks.” — I wonder how many people have been killed….

No humans have been mauled by cougars in Alberta since 2005, but the number of sightings has jumped: as of Aug. 2, 136 sightings were reported. That’s already 17 more than the total sightings in 2006, and 19 more than in 2005, said Whiteside.


What happened to the ‘recent jump in cougar attacks’? On what did they base this story?

Wildlife officials spent Tuesday tracking a hungry and possibly sick cougar that attacked a family dog in Canmore, Alta. While the cougar hasn’t been found, the dog is recovering at a veterinary clinic with severe head injuries after it was attacked and carried away by the cat.

One sick cat tried to snatch dinner? That’s a ‘recent jump in cougar attacks’? There must be more…. Oh there’s this…

In British Columbia, a 12-year-old boy was camping with his family in the interior on Aug. 1, when he was mauled by a big cat. The attack left him with 200 stitches in his head.

So there you have it… a single attack in British Columbia gets reported as a “recent jump in cougar attacks” in Alberta AND is blamed by “an expert” on global warming.

Talk about letting the narrative get way ahead of the facts.

As an added bonus I tracked the original story of the kid with the 200 stiches… the story ends with this paragraph:

Conservation officials in Clinton have located and killed the young male cougar. Attacks like this aren’t common in the area, with the last one occurring in 1995, they said.

This story is even dumber than this one. Maybe.

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