So, like, what year was, like, 9-11, like?

Want proof that the nation has forgotten 9-11? It’s easy to see that we have in the cut-and-runners, the treachorous rhetoric of liberal politicians, and the devil-may-care attitude towards national security that has permeated the country.

But how’s this for shocking: a bunch of San Diego State University students couldn’t even remember what year it happened!

Caitlin Upton should feel very proud today. It seems she’s not the only young person in America who appears to be a little less than informed. Christian activist and author Mark Dice dropped by San Diego State University to see how many of tomorrow’s leaders know what year 9/11 happened.

Apparently, the unsuspecting students couldn’t quite remember. Perhaps if Mark had given them a hint — like the year the Mariah Carey’s cinematic masterpiece “Glitter” was released, or perhaps the year that Britney Spears’ “Slave” song topped the charts.
Sad, isn’t it? Even sadder is that there’s video of the brainiacs. Now, only watch it if you have a strong stomach. The man who put on the video,
Mark Dice, is apparently one of those “9-11 was an inside job” truther nutjobs, who also supports Ron Paul, so there’s a lot of the truther crap in it. And that’s on top of a bunch of college idiots who can’t remember back to when they were in high school. I mean, honestly — it was six years ago! It isn’t like these kids were four years old and can barely remember it even happening. That’s a sad, sad thing when you can’t remember the worst attack ever to happen on American soil, and it was just over five years ago. Never forget? Yeah, right.

The greatest generation would be ashamed. Truly ashamed.

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