Nerve gas found at UN

Vials of the deadly nerve gas phosgene have been discovered at the UN in New York. They may have been left over by UN inspectors from pre-war Iraq, reports Brian Ross for ABC:

CORRECTION: Phosgene isn’t a “nerve gas,” but rather a “choking agent.” It was used in WWI combined with chlorine gas. I posted the article from ABC News, and apologize for the error. I’m leaving the title of the post unchanged for continuity’s sake.

United Nations weapons inspectors discovered six to eight vials of a dangerous nerve gas, phosgene, as they were cleaning out offices at a U.N. building in New York this morning, federal authorities tell the Blotter on

The federal authorities said the office, in a U.N. building near headquarters, was being evacuated and the White House had been notified at 10 a.m.

New York police and fire officials reported to the scene around 12:15 this afternoon.

Read the whole report at the above link. Why would they keep nerve gas in the building, no matter what purpose it may have served in inspections?

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