Green On Green: So Delicious, It's Obscene

There is nothing quite so delicious as watching two of your adversaries go after each other. And there’s a wonderful case going on right now.

The other day, I got a press release from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a name almost Stalinesque in its irony). They have decided to go after the self-designated leader in the fight against “global warming,” none other than Al Gore, himself.

It turns out that eating meat is a big contributor to global warming, according to PETA, so they’re calling on Al Gore to go vegetarian — and they’re going to pull some of their patented stunts to try to embarrass him (and, as usual, get themselves scads of publicity, like this posting.)

I was thrilled to get the press release from PETA, because it gave me a chance to steal a photo from my occasional colleagues and not only e-mail it to PETA, but publish it here:


For a little context, look here: from the year 2000, PETA has, at its Virginia “shelter,” killed at least 70% to 90% of the animals it has taken in.

For years, the Iran-Iraq war was my metaphor for situations where I wish both sides could lose. Right now, the Hamas/Fatah fighting is my current conflict of choice, but Gore vs. PETA is running a close second.

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