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Edwards targets other Democrats . . . Who knew the Silky Pony could snarl and snap so – and all without getting a single hair out of place?

ANOTHER Hillary donor on the lam . . . Yep, this one’s a Pakistani wanted by the FBI. Someone should design a chart so we can follow the money around the world . . .

Soros group hit with huge fine . . . but naturally they’ve shut down, so no one will actually pay the fine.

Hillary giving some of fugitive donor’s cash to charity
. . . Because, as we all know, if you get caught cheating, it’s okay as long as you don’t keep the money, right?

Warner retirement could give Virginia seat to Dems . . . It turns out there IS a down-side to John Warner’s possible retirement: the Democrats could take the seat. Not to mention the devastating blow Warner’s departure would deal to the Senate’s Pomposity Index . . .

Edwards: sacrifice your SUVs . . . well, not the ones HE rides around in, of course. He needs them. He means your SUVs . . .

Other topics will be covered as events warrant.

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