The Iran Dossier

The latest in-depth report from Iraq by the Weekly Standard‘s Kimberly Kagan:

But one thing is very clear: Iran has consistently supplied weapons, its own advisors, and Lebanese Hezbollah advisors to multiple resistance groups in Iraq, both Sunni and Shia, and has supported these groups as they have targeted Sunni Arabs, Coalition forces, Iraqi Security Forces, and the Iraqi Government itself. Their infl uence runs from Kurdistan to Basrah, and Coalition sources report that by August 2007, Iranian-backed insurgents accounted for roughly half the attacks on Coalition forces, a dramatic change from previous periods that had seen the overwhelming majority of attacks coming from the Sunni Arab insurgency and al Qaeda.

The Coalition has stepped-up its efforts to combat Iranian intervention in Iraq in recent months both because the Iranians have increased their support for violence in Iraq since the start of the surge and because Coalition successes against al Qaeda in Iraq and the larger Sunni Arab insurgency have permitted the re-allocation of resources and effort against a problem that has plagued attempts to establish a stable government in Iraq from the outset. With those problems increasingly under control, Iranian intervention is the next major problem the Coalition must tackle.

Read the entire – long – report at the link above, where you can also access Kagan’s earlier reports.

For the perspective of the military in Iraq, check out Greyhawk’s latest at Mudville Gazette:

Speaking of the Petraeus report….

It seems that those who routinely feed from the various toilets along the left wing information sewer are currently being instructed how to feel about said upcoming report. (Not think, mind you, but feel. Feel might not be exactly the right word either, but it’s closer to it than thinking, which is an altogether different process.) It’s a pretty slick trick – once again begging the question “are the people who write this stuff ignorant, or do they just think their readers are?”

The answer, of course, is inconsequential.

Read it all, and access the embedded links, at the link preceding.

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