Kutie Couric goes to war

CBS is sending Katie Couric to Iraq. Unfortunately, they also intend to bring her back. Michael Learmonth reports for Variety:

One year after Couric jumped from NBC’s “Today” to CBS in a big-money talent deal, the “Evening News” anchor is embarking on a high-risk tour of Iraq and Syria to revive the broadcast.

Announcement comes just days after an Iraqi translator working for CBS was killed in Baghdad. CBS said Monday the translator had been found dead following his abduction just hours after leaving work at CBS News’ Baghdad bureau.

Couric has never been to Iraq, and she will be the second of the big three anchors, following NBC’s Brian Williams last spring, to venture to the region since ABC News’ Bob Woodruff was nearly killed by an IED attack on his convoy outside Baghdad in early 2006.

While CBS execs say the 12-day trip isn’t a relaunch of the newscast, it comes the week after Labor Day, when the TV season begins and evening viewership increases.

Read the whole article at the above link. I know the cynics among you are thinking, “This is nothing but a shameless ploy for ratings!” You’re right. But CBS CEO Les Moonves (a/k/a “Paco,” a/k/a “Moonves the moron”) is thinking around the corner. He’s already staked his shaky reputation and high-paying job on the enormous contract bringing Couric to CBS. There’s only “upside” to this assignment.

Naturally, Katie will uphold the “fake, but accurate” standard CBS so jealously guards, but she could even do more to help Les’ career. Suppose, for instance, that she were attacked in Iraq. It would fit the network’s meme that the situation is hopeless. Moonves could appear to be taking a tough stance against terrorism by refusing to negotiate her release, while simultaneously saving the network millions by not getting her back. A classic “win-win situation” for all – except Katie, of course.

But, hey – nobody ever said being a pretty talking head was EASY . . .

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