If you aren’t already reading…

Gateway Pundit regularly, you really should be. Jim Hoft consistently finds news items from around the world that get little attention elsewhere in the media and he puts them into context and makes them easy to follow by providing plenty of links, pictures and video. He has some really interesting posts up today, so be sure to take a look.

Another good read comes from John Hawkins. His latest column at Townhall about the desperate presidential housewives is a hoot. He let me read part of it while he was writing it and I even gave him a line to add to it. Well, technically he stole it, but I gave him permission. See if you can identify my contribution:

Wasn’t Michelle Obama right when she said, perhaps about Hillary, perhaps not, “(I)f you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House.”

Oh, but people aren’t supposed to bring that up because Hillary is some sort of groundbreaking example for women to emulate? Please. An example of what? A woman who rode her philandering husband’s coattails to success in politics and then stood by helplessly and watched as he cheated on her again and again and again while she did nothing about it because it might hurt her political career? What message does that send to young women? Hillary deserves her success at politics about as much as Anna Nicole Smith deserved the money that was willed to her when her 90 year-old husband died — but at least Anna Nicole Smith slept with her old man, which is more than can probably be said of Hillary in the last few years.

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