Taxing My Patience

For some time, I’ve let Joel Schwartzberg and his work for the PBS “news” show, NOW, get under my skin. Twice it’s annoyed me to the point of writing about it — first, when they covered voter fraud (as long as it was being done by Republicans), and this week, when they did their puff piece on military deserters.

It finally “clicked” in my head just why these semi-regular crappings in my inbox annoy me so much. It’s that they manage to push my buttons on so many levels.

First up, Mr. Shwartzberg decided to put me on his mailing list without asking me first. Essentially, he has determined that his job is just so damned important, that I NEED to get e-mailed details on a regular basis. And if I don’t like it (as if THAT was a remote possibility), then I can jump through his hoops and he might — MIGHT — deign to stop sending me his crap.

Second, the overwhelming bias of these reports is palpable. In the first report, they focused on voter fraud — but ONLY on the element of Republican “voter suppression.” It’s pretty clear that the scummier elements of both parties do this shit, and both need to be beaten down hard whenever they do it. Here in New Hampshire, we had some GOP dipshits play around with a US Senate race in 2002, and I think they got off too easily. In Detroit in 2004, well-connected Democrats slashed the tires on vehicles reserved for Republican get-out-the-vote moves. And in Philadelphia, a Democratic official was seen proudly proclaiming that he and his goons had physically kept Republican poll watchers away from polling areas.

In the second report, the sympathy and pity is just oozing out of the screen for these people who — of their own free will — chose to enlist in the Armed Forces (including signing pledges that they were NOT conscientious objectors) and then chose to run away, to run out on their word of honor and signed contracts. They don’t want to be held accountable for their own choices, their own actions, and NOW is just falling all over itself to help them.

The third point ties it all together. In each and every aspect of this, it’s being done on MY dime. MY taxes are paying for these elections that are being assed around with, and NOW thinks that only one side of it is heinous enough to warrant its attention. These deserters were being paid out of MY pocket, made an agreement with MY government, and now want out. And NOW gets a good chunk of its budget from MY taxes, again, which means I’m paying to be told how terrible it all is.

And Mr. Schwartzberg is being paid out of that same money to spam me.

I am working my ass off to cover every aspect of this ongoing series of aggravations, from soup to nuts.

The next time I hear someone ranting about cutting the public funding for the Corporation For Public Broadcasting, I’m going to listen with a hell of a lot more sympathy. And you can take the full credit for that, Mr. Schwartzberg.

Now run off and find something else to report on, sir. I’m quite certain that the tip I gave you yesterday about a truly heroic member of the Armed Forces will go exactly nowhere — but a full hour special on Elvira Arellano is quite possibly in the works already.

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