The Flying Imams Finally Drop Suit Against John Does

From The Becket Fund:

One week after being asked by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty to sign on the dotted line, the “flying imams” did just that, dismissing all claims against the unidentified passengers who reported the suspicious behavior of six imams aboard a U.S. Airways flight in November. When the attorneys for the imams included the unidentified passengers (who they listed as John Does) in the complaint, The Becket Fund demanded that the passengers be dropped from the suit and announced that it would represent for free any passengers who were identified and formally named. When the imams’ attorneys pressed ahead, the Becket Fund submitted an amicus brief, asking the court to dismiss the claims, and then sent another letter with a blank notice of dismissal for the imams’ attorneys to sign. Following further briefing, the imams’ attorneys today relented and finally dismissed the John Does.

It’s about time. The whole idea of suing people because they report suspicious behavior is not only ridiculous but it’s also offensive because it’s an nothing more than an attempt to intimidate, bully, and frighten Americans into silence, which would allow would-be terrorists to go about their business without any fear of being seen.

Michelle Malkin has more including the motion for dismissal filed by the imams’ attorneys.

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