Meanwhile, back at the Election

Over at Wizbang Politics, we’re continuing our never-ending quest to supply political junkies with their off-season fix. A few recent topics:

Purge, Comrade? . . . the Left monitors elected Democrats for ideological purity.

Hillary pulls ahead in Iowa . . . a new poll has the former First Lady taking the lead in a state Edwards has been organizing for nearly five years.

Rudy and Fred mix it up . . . Thompson aims at Rudy’s NYC gun record; the Mayor’s team hits back.

Edwards’ political obituary . . . Silky Pony, we hardly knew ye.

Indiana Dems fear Hillary effect . . . her high negatives have the down-ticket worried in the Heartland.

And more . . .

Thanks to reader John in CA for this idea, which is much better than my last attempt at shameless promotion.

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