Based On An Unreal Story

There’s an old saying that “truth is stranger than fiction.” A while ago, I read something that explained this — truth can be stranger than fiction, because fiction has to be believable.

Now there’s a new twist on the old phrase — truth is scarier than fiction.

The BBC runs a medical TV show (I guess it’s kind of their version of “ER”) called “Casualty.” Their season opener (or, as they call, “series opener”) involved dealing with those injured in a large terrorist bombing.

Here in the US, this would be labeled “Torn From Today’s Headlines!” For the BBC, that’s a bit too on-the-nose.

In the good old days, the most likely suspect for such an act would be the IRA. But they’re pretty much retired now, and besides, they never much went for wholesale carnage.

No, these days, the mass murderers and wannabes are not shouting “Erin Go Bragh,” but “Allahu Akbar!” We saw that several Julys ago in London, two weeks apart, and in Glasgow about a month ago.

So, one would think that if one was discussing a fictional terrorist bombing in contemporary England, Islamic radicals would be the likeliest suspect, right?


I once read a bit of wisdom that has stuck with me. It was in a medical context, but it applies in many areas: “When you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras.” The idea is that when you have a little bit of evidence, look for the common, simple answer, not the complex and obscure, and you’re more likely to be right.

That seems especially appropriate in this case, where the BBC has decided to make the villains in this case “animal rights activists.”

Now I have no truck with PETA and their ilk, but in this case I think they might have a grievance.

It’s not unique to the BBC. When Hollywood adapted Tom Clancy’s “Sum Of All Fears” “Clear And Present Danger,” which involves a nuclear attack on a US city, they changed the bad guys from Islamists to European neo-Nazis.

This is beyond fantasy, this is self-delusion. It is denial. There are a few undisputable truths about Islamism and the world today. For one, when there is a terrorist attack, it’s a damned safe bet that it was done by an Islamist. For another, the most logical response to a Muslim group announcing that they fear a wave of persecution is “oh, Christ, what got blown up now?”

I have a few suggestions for the BBC for future villains, since they’ve proclaimed Muslims a protected class: genetically-engineered sheep, Scottish Independence activists, and radioactive hamsters from a planet near Mars.

Anything to keep from mentioning the camel in the room.

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