On a possible 2008 wave election

Pat Hynes has a really interesting post about many Democrats’ belief that 2008 will be another “wave” election.

It is virtually unprecedented for two “wave” elections to occur back-to-back. But that’s what Democrats are hoping to affect with a wave of advertising and voter contact programs that are intended to “define” the current Congress; well, okay, the ads are really intended only to “define” vulnerable Republicans as pro-war Bush drones and/or heartless fatcats that don’t want children to have health insurance. Jonathan Weisman of the Washington Post has the details.

But the Democrats certainly have the numbers to backup their belief that 2008 could be another pro-Democratic wave election. According to Republican pollster Neil Newhouse, “[i]f you look at nothing but the numbers, in terms of mood of the country, the popularity of the president, there’s no question the environment has eroded for Republicans since November.”

But if another wave is coming and the data prove it, why the need to flood the zone with ads, auto-dial calls, direct mail, etc? There are three things going on. Read the rest at ABP.

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