Crawling Back Under My Rock

As many of you know, I “retired” from Wizbang a while ago. Now, I’m the proverbial 12th man. When things like the London Bombing or the Va Tech shooting happen I jump in but other than that, I mostly hang out in the background. – This summer it seemed everyone was doing something in their real life so Kev asked me to post a thing or two and I was more than happy to burden pleasure you all with some of my musings.

Now that Cassy Fiano will be joining us it’s time for me to, crawl back under my rock again. I do have a couple of posts that are in draft that will go out in the next day or two and I’m sure someone will say something so inconceivably stupid during the Katrina second anniversary, I’ll be forced to say something… But other than that, I’ll mostly reserve my Wizbang time for the occasional troll smackage in the comments.

BTW where any long time readers surprised Kevin picked a “Conservative Babe Of The Week” as the new blogger….

I wasn’t either.

Miles Levin
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