Zimbabwe: man-made disaster looms

Western officials now believe Zimbabwe may descend into anarchy by the end of the year, according to Stephen Bevan in the Sunday Telegraph, a direct consequence of the Mugabe government. Read his report at the preceding link. Ed Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters comments:

The dictatorship of Robert Mugabe could not have made more bad moves had it planned on destroying the nation. It took its productive farms from their owners — whites from the British era of Rhodesia — and assigned them to political cronies, who turned Zimbabwe from a net exporter of agriculture to a beggar nation. Mugabe then tried to drive the poor out of the cities, and the black market that fed most of them collapsed. Faced with rising shortages and the predictable inflation that followed, Mugabe capped prices — and now no one can find anything on store shelves. Riots break out whenever anything arrives.

Their capital has little electricity and less potable water. Four out of five people live in abject poverty. Even if Mugabe left at this point, people will start dying in droves very soon — those who stay, anyway. Millions have fled Zimbabwe, and millions more have packed their bags. There may be no one left to challenge Mugabe for power.

Read his whole post at the link above. Zimbabwe used to produce enough grain to feed most of sub-Saharan Africa; after three decades of neo-Marxist rule it cannot feed its own people. Even the undying admiration and friendship of Jimmy Carter isn’t helping.

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