Falcons owner: Vick lied

The owner of the Atlanta Falcons says Michael Vick lied to him about the dog-fighting allegations, reports Tom Curran for NBCSports.com:

The pleas entered by Michael Vick’s co-defendants are enough to convince Falcons owner Arthur Blank to believe his franchise quarterback lied to him.

Speaking to The Associated Press before Friday night’s preseason game between the Falcons and Bills, Blank said, “What’s suggested in those statements of fact don’t match up with what the league was told, even our organization and certainly not what was said to the commissioner.”

Each of Vick’s three co-defendants in the federal dogfighting conspiracy and gambling case unfolding in Virginia have now entered guilty pleas leaving Vick on a proverbial island and mulling the impact that entering a guilty plea of his own will have.

Read the rest at the above link. This tends to reinforce my view that Michael Vick will not play in the NFL again.

Say, remember when younger brother Marcus screwed up – I think it was fourth time, but maybe the third – and Mom sent him to Atlanta to live with Michael to “straighten him out” at last? No wonder it didn’t work . . .

UPDATE: WSBTV in Atlanta reports odd donations are coming into the Atlanta Humane Society: Michael Vick football jerseys – which they are using to clean kennels.

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