Jenna Bush to be Married

Her boyfriend Henry Hager even asked her father’s permission, too:

The White House has announced that 25-year-old Jenna Bush has got engaged to her boyfriend of three years, Henry Hager.

And, being a nicely brought-up young man, he duly asked the President of the United States for permission to marry his daughter.

The pair met during the president’s 2004 re-election campaign, and have been dating ever since.

They have been spotted together at many public events, including the White House dinner for Charles and Camilla in November 2005.

“They have been great, great friends all this time,” Henry’s mother, Maggie, said.

And it was she who revealed that her son had followed tradition and asked Jenna’s father’s permission, saying: “Anybody raised in this family follows the rules.”

Very sweet. Jenna has no interest in being married at the White House; she would much rather choose a location that has been a home to her, either Texas or Maine.

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