If you like 24…

I was told that if I liked “24” I would like Spike’s summer drama, The Kill Point. I really do like it. If you have not been watching it, you can see an episode online here. The drama, which airs on Sunday nights, is about the hostage situation surrounding a bank robbery gone wrong. There is a hostage negotiator played by Donnie Wahlberg, a bank robber with a complicated history leading his former Marine platoon, a group of characters being held hostage including the rich socialite daughter of a Donald Trump like figure, and an assortment of other characters including FBI and police officers. I have seen the first four episodes and the last was just as suspenseful and interesting as the first.

That was the good news — now for the bad. As is sometimes the case in “24,” there is a ridiculous anti-war plotline running through some of the scenes about how the bank robbers came to this point, and talk about the evil government who did not take care of these men the war damaged. If you can get past that (and if I could, just about anyone probably could) the show is absolutely worth a look, but beware because it is highly addictive.

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