CNN’s Poll on Petraeus

There is no doubt there is a war being waged on General Petraeus by some on the left in anticipation of his September report. It is not all occurring on leftwing blogs either — some of the activity is a little more nuanced. Radio Blogger takes a look at a CNN poll about the public’s trust of Petraeus.

CNN released a new opinion poll today, and it appears that the slime campaign on General David Petraeus has now officially begun with a month to go before his report to Congress. CNN claimed on their Situation Room that only 28% of responders would be more likely to support the war if Petraeus reports the surge is showing signs of progress, 72% wouldn’t. And worse news, if one were to believe this poll, only 43% of those polled trusted Petraeus to give an accurate report in September, while 53% said they don’t trust the top U.S. military commander in Iraq.

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