Is Thompson going the way of the other Thompson?

Real Clear Politics has a fascinating piece by Reid Wilson arguing that Fred Thompson missed his opportunity to win the Republican nomination. Since the period in the spring when an announcement would have generated both money and time to adequately organize, the Thompson effort has been beset by inadequate fundraising, and, more dangerously, infighting. As Wilson aptly puts it, “Thompson has simply waited too long to take advantage of the good will, good fortune and good position that awaited him once he entered the race.”

But to ascribe the present state of the GOP race to Thompson’s Hamlet-like indecision is to do a great injustice to the frontrunner for the nomination. Thus far, Rudy Giuliani has run a smart campaign that continues to generate amazing results in the polls. One need look no farther than a Rasmussen Poll out today showing him leading Clinton by 7 points. Indeed state polling shows Giuliani continuing to lead the Republican field by wide margins in delegate-rich California and Florida, as well as any prospective Democratic nominee in the key battleground states.

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