The CBS News Poll

According to a new CBS News poll, Rudy Giuliani has widened his lead over the Republican field. The former New York Mayor leads with 38% of the vote. His nearest rival, Fred Thompson, dropped from 25% in the previous poll to 18% in this one.

What will be especially good news to supporters of Giuliani is contained in the following excerpt:

“Giuliani, defying conventional wisdom, continues to show strength among groups not expected to be favorable towards his candidacy. He leads the field among conservatives, those who live in the South and West, evangelical Christians, and voters who think that a candidate’s personal life should be a factor in deciding whom to support.”

It is worth pointing out that there seems to be a move in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina to possibly move up their primaries. As it stands right now, Iowa could holds its caucues the first week of January. With Christmas and New Year’s the week preceding that, it is looking better and better for Giuliani.

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