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Miracle Baby In Iraq
Young Survivor Captures The Hearts Of U.S. Troops

(CBS) Her name is Fatima and the nurses caring for her guess she’s about nine months old. No one knows for sure because both her parents are dead. In fact, it’s a small miracle that Fatima herself isn’t dead as well.

Nearly three weeks ago, she arrived at the U.S. hospital in the Green Zone emaciated and dangerously close to death. Lt. Hattie McDowell gave the underweight, weak little girl her first bath.

“When she first got here, she was so skinny. Her arms and legs were just bones, and we could see her ribs,” she tells CBS News chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan.

Fatima’s life was saved by her 7-year-old brother, who led Iraqi and U.S. soldiers to their home, where they discovered her mother and uncle had been shot at close range to the head. Fatima lay helpless and dying in the sweltering sun.

Interesting that the “Miracle baby” is named Fatima. Although I sure it was this one and not this one she was named after.

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