Idiot Question of the Day

Of course, the Karl Rove haters probably think Plante is brilliant because he asked a question that you’d expect from a smart ass fourth-grader during playground banter:

As Karl Rove embraced President Bush today following an emotional farewell announcement on the South Lawn, the solemnity of the moment was shattered by Bill Plante of CBS, who bellowed to Bush: “If he’s so smart, how come you lost Congress?”

Karl Rove was instrumental in Bush’s election and reelection as governor in Texas and his election and reelection as president, while picking up seats in Congress in 2004. Yet Plante thinks none of that means anything because the Republicans lost Congress, barely, in Bush’s sixth year, a time when every sitting president loses seats in Congress. Hot Air has the video.

For a more intelligent analysis of Karl Rove’s abilities and influence, see Alexander McClure’s piece from earlier today.

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