Democrats Should Worry About Where Rove Lands Next

Hugh Hewitt has a piece today in which he warns the Democrats not to get too comfortable with Rove being out of the political picture because he’ll end up helping one of the Republican nominees:

Democrats have to be worried that when Karl Rive exits the White House in August, he’ll take a month off and end up at the virtual elbow of Mayor Giuliani, Governor Romney, or Senator Thompson. They should be worried. Of course that’s what he (and Ken Mehlman) will be doing. All-stars whose franchise can’t play for the title often show up in the heat of the hunt. Politics is like sports in many ways. And Rove is the Tiger Woods of politics. (That would almost make Bob Shrum Greg Norman, but Norman won two majors. I need a better analogy for Shrum.)

Rove is 5 for 6 in the big elections he has skippered, and despite more attacks than any presidential aide in history, he is strolling out of the White House with a smile on his face and the admiration of nearly everyone in the GOP. If he gets bored, there will be pleny of opportunities for him to return to the thing he does best –beating Democrats in November. When he does return, Dems will panic again.

I have no idea if Rove will end up involved in the next presidential race, but I have to admit I would really enjoy watching the Democrats go apoplectic at Rove working to defeat the 2008 Democratic nominee for president.

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