Gitmo suspects UK wants freed are a threat

New British Prime Minister Gordon Brown requested the release of five Gitmo prisoners last week. The Blair government had refused to accept them back when the US determined there were no charges which could be brought against them. The Pentagon warns they are still dangerous and well-connected to al Qaeda, Dipesh Gadher reports for The Sunday Times:

THE Pentagon has claimed that five terror suspects whom Britain wants back from Guantanamo Bay have close ties to some of Al-Qaeda’s most high-ranking leaders.

Only days after Gordon Brown took the surprise decision to call for their release, a senior American official this weekend disclosed previously classified evidence to show that the men are “extremely dangerous individuals”.

Sandra Hodgkinson, who is in charge of US detention policy, warned that the suspects may seek to rejoin the war on terror and could pose a risk to the UK if not kept under close scrutiny.

In a fresh series of allegations against the men, Hodgkinson claimed that:

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The inmates at Gitmo are some very bad men. We’ve already recaptured several whom we felt we had to release to Afghanistan; they had immediately returned to trying to kill Americans. Those, and these suspects (who aren’t citizens of the UK, but have residency rights there) were listed for repatriation because we didn’t have enough direct evidence on them under the broader guidelines the Pentagon used for them as “enemy noncombatants.”

And some people want to close Gitmo and turn them loose, or even bring them here and give them criminal justice rights in our system?

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