Judge in $54 Million Pants Suit Doesn’t Think He Should Have to Pay Legal Fees

Administrative judge Roy Pearson, who became infamous for suing a dry cleaners for $54 million for losing his pants and losing the case, now is complaining that he shouldn’t have to pay the dry cleaner’s legal fees. He drug this family through probably the worst experience of their lives by essentially terrorizing them with the legal system, and now he has the gall to complain that he shouldn’t have to pay their legal fees. What a loser.

A judge who lost a $54 million lawsuit against his former dry cleaner is fighting the cleaners’ attempts to collect attorney fees from him.

Roy L. Pearson filed an opposition to the defendants’ motion for attorneys’ fees Friday, saying he shouldn’t have to pay the $82,907.50 that the Chung family owes to defend themselves against his 2005 lawsuit.

His opposition “is yet another example of his irrational crusade against the Chungs. His arguments are meritless,” defense attorney Chris Manning wrote in an e-mail.

Pearson did not immediately reply to an e-mail requesting comment.

Pearson needs to man-up, pay the Chung’s damn legal fees, and then go the hell away. If he still refuses, lock him up until he agrees to pay the fees.

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