The Ultimate Rorschach Story

There’s a story in today’s Boston Herald that absolutely nails the stereotypes from both sides of the political spectrum.

To the left, it’s the story of redemption, of a man descending to the lowest possible point and struggling back, atoning for his sins, and making a success of himself despite his past. It’s the story of a man overcoming tremendous obstacles (almost of all his own making) and prospering — but never, ever forgetting his past transgressions.

To the right, it’s more affirmation of the innate corruption of labor unions, where it seems that no crime is too great to disqualify them for union leadership, confirming the essentially thuggish nature of organized labor.

In this case, I think I have to side with the left. Mr. Campbell admits his crime, served his sentence, and has obeyed all laws and rules since his release. He has, as far as anyone can tell, indeed “turned his life around” and struggled to stay on the “straight and narrow” ever since.

His union brothers and sisters have, apparently, decided that he has redeemed himself enough to elect him to a position of power and trust. I think I will defer to them on this one.

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