Murtha stands mute

When the first news came out about a possible incident at Haditha in Iraq, Rep. John Murtha couldn’t wait to proclaim the Marines involved guilty of murder (before any investigation). Now, with charges being summarily dropped against two of those Marines, Capt. Randy Stone and LCpl. Justin Sharratt, Murtha can’t muster a comment – much less an apology.

Gary Gross of Let Freedom Ring tried, though:

Undeterred, I asked why they were taking this approach. The woman essentially gave a ‘no comment’ answer. I said that I’d keep checking back until Rep. Murtha did make a statement, to which she replied “That’s just fine, Sir.” before hanging up on me a second time.

Murtha’s staffer is essentially taking an indefensible position because Rep. Murtha has repeatedly made irresponsible and indefensible statements about these Marines. This highlights an obvious double standard on Murtha’s behalf. He didn’t think twice about making these unfounded accusations while the initial NCIS investigation was being conducted but he won’t say a word now when two of the men he accused of cold-blooded murder have been totally exonerated.

Read the whole story of Gross’ attempts to get a comment from Murtha at the link above.

At the time he made the sweeping accusations, the idea of a “war crime in Iraq” fit perfectly with Murtha’s “redeploy to Okinawa” concept. He wasn’t worried about the consequences for the individual Marines then, so he can claim consistency in not caring now. Besides, he is probably too busy plotting more secret earmarks to benefit his cronies to follow the case.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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