Rally ‘Round The Flag

Rob Port is an excellent blogger, and I consider him a good online friend. (As well as a Guest Wizbanger Emeritus, and I am proud to claim him as one of “my” nominees.) He and I don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, but we agree far more than we disagree.

Today isn’t one of those days.

He has a piece up in reaction to a move to require all US flags to be made in the United States. He presents several sound, logical, reasonable arguments against such a law, and I cannot argue with a single one of them. In fact, I agree with him to the point where I would also oppose such a law.

But there is where my agreement ends.

While I oppose a LAW requiring all US flags to be made in the United States, I would personally support a boycott of any flags made outside the US — especially in Communist China. In fact, I already do.

Rob’s arguments, as I said, are sound, logical, and reasonable. And I agree with him on a purely intellectual basis.

But the flag is not just any consumer good. It has an emotional power, a symbolic meaning, an iconic status that transcends its material components and design specifications. It says “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” in absolute terms, it instantly identifies itself and all associated with it with our nation and our history and our heritage and our ideals and our accomplishments and our principles and our flaws and our failings and our shortcomings. It is us, for good and ill.

And as such, it should be of us. Made by us, here among us.

Sorry, Rob. We’re going to have to part company on this one.

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