So Much For “Godless Communism…”

For a long time, Communism has viewed religion as its natural enemy. It focuses entirely on the here and now, and the thought of such things as a moral authority beyond their control, of an afterlife, and whatnot absolutely terrified them. They tried to repress it, to stamp it out, outlaw it, do whatever they could to get people to turn their eyes from their god and give all their faith and loyalty and dedication to The State.

It didn’t work.

Well, now the Communist Chinese are trying a new approach, and I suspect this one might have a better chance than brute force. They’re unleashing one of the most insidious, destructive, vile forces humanity has ever devised against people’s faith:

Government red tape.

From now on, The Living Buddha cannot reincarnate without government permission, with all the proper forms, duly witnessed and sealed, signed in triplicate, filed and recorded.

And here in America, we complain about the death tax…

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