Expect A Big Hike In Pro-Black Muslim Stories

Police in Oakland, California believe they have cracked the case of a murdered journalist.

Chauncey Bailey was investigating “Your Black Muslim Bakery” when he was ambushed and killed last week.

Police have now raided the bakery in question and arrested several people.

Remarkably enough. all the suspects are believed to be adherents of the Religion Of Peace — albeit a “fringe” element.

Considering the media’s history (such as CNN’s cooperating with Saddam’s regime in covering up his atrocities to preserve their “access,” I suspect we will soon see a spate of positive stories about Muslims in general, Black Muslims especially.

To paraphrase Sylvia Plath: the media adores the Fascist, the boot in the face.

They try to hide it, by calling those they dislike “fascists” and the like, but when confronted with true, brutal fascism, they cheerfully roll over and submit.

Witness Eason Jordan.

Witness Walter Duranty.

Witness the treatment of Daniel Ortega during his reign.

Witness the endless stories praising Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez.

Witness the coverage of the “apartheid” state of Israel, where people of all races, sexes, creeds, and orientations are freer than anywhere else in the region.

The way to bring the media to heel is not to condemn them. It is not even to threaten them. It is to terrorize them, and they will be your faithful lapdog. Kill a few, or kill a few innocents in front of them, and they will do all they can to curry your favor.

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