“Vote For Me And Die!”

On Wednesday, Senator Barack Obama stated that in his presidential administration, he would authorize a military invasion of Pakistan to pursue suspected Al Qaeda forces.

On Thursday, he announced that he would not authorize the use of nuclear weapons under any circumstances.

Let’s see. Obama would invade a putative allied nation (whose leader is currently threatened by Islamist terrorists). The logical response by Musharraf would be to respond forcefully, in order to preserve his independence. But it still could shake his support to the point where he would fall.

So the two alternatives is that we’d have a strongman mad at us and eager to keep his people happy — or Islamists running another country.

And that nation possesses nuclear weapons.

Then, we end up with a mightily pissed-off nation with nuclear weapons, and we’ve already promised that we won’t retaliate if they nuke us.

This sounds like fun. Let’s try to think of other ways Obama could choose to cause tremendous destruction to the United States!

I’ll start it off:

1) He threatens Vladimir Putin that if he doesn’t ease up on his domestic crackdowns and play ball with Britain over the poisoning cases, we’ll invade him by ground in the beginning of winter.

2) He tells China if they don’t stop selling us dangerously defective crap, we’ll invade and occupy them — but we’ll only use the Marine Corps to hold the entire country.

Feel free to chime in your suggestions for Senator Obama’s next major foreign policy initiative in the comments.

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