Some advice for congressional Democrats

I know it is not likely they will take it, but I offer a little advice for congressional Democrats in a column at Townhall today.

If congressional Democrats seem a little hysterical these days, it just might be due to news that the surge counteroffensive in Iraq is yielding some progress.

For many months we heard that the war in Iraq was a huge failure with the evidence cited including that parts of the country were being taken over by terrorists, that there was increasing violence between different factions within the country, that the Iraqi police and military were not stepping up and were not being trained quickly enough, and that there was lessening support across the country for the mission of coalition and Iraqi forces.

Now that it appears progress is being made on many of those fronts, with much of the credit going to efforts of the surge counteroffensive, the focus is being shifted to the national political arena in Iraq, which has not experienced the same progress that is being seen on the local level. There is little praise to be heard from most Democrats for the progress that has been made – only talk about the areas in which the same progress is not being realized.

I will offer the following advice to Democrats in Congress knowing it is unlikely that they will accept it: Instead of ignoring, or worse denigrating, every word of progress our forces have worked to accomplish in Iraq, acknowledge that progress and celebrate it. You can still point out the areas in which progress is lacking. Just be honest about the good news there is to report.

If our mission in Iraq were to ultimately be deemed a success, everyone would know that most Democrats had been wrong to want to abandon the mission. But if Democrats would actually start celebrating our victories, maybe the majority of the public would forget that for a time they appeared to be actively working for defeat. Just maybe if Democrats in Congress would begin working to ensure that the progress that is being made in Iraq is built upon and encouraged, rather than belittled and abandoned and defunded, they would be able to share the credit for any resulting success.If Democrats decided to encourage and support the things in Iraq that are going right, rather than trying to reverse them, even if the the ultimate mission was eventually deemed a failure they would not be blamed because they would have only supported the actions that were producing results. It seems like a win-win for me. Good for Dems and good for America. Click here to read it all.

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