Whatever Happened To “Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse?”

The town of Merrimack, New Hampshire has a rather nice beach on Naticook Lake. Under the terms of its taking control of it from the state, it maintains it and keeps it open to the public.

That’s becoming more and more difficult, though, as its popularity is bringing a lot of people to the beach — including those who say they can’t read the rules, because they’re posted in English.

So the town looked into posting additional signs, with the rules in Spanish — and the town’s residents said “hell, no!”

I sympathize with the police. It must get pretty annoying, to tell people to put away the booze and keep their children under control and PICK UP YOUR GODDAMNED TRASH, but to hear again and again and again, “no habla Ingles.”

But I don’t think it’s the town’s place to cater to those who won’t learn the common language at least well enough to obey simple rules of civility. If they decide to take their business elsewhere because Merrimack won’t cater to their demands, good riddance.

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